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The below pricing is for our 2019 event. Pricing may vary from year-to-year.  The below is just a guideline.


02/01: 80.00
04/01: 85.00
06/01: 90.00
Race Day: 95.00

2 Person Relay

02/01: 105.00
04/01: 110.00
06/01: 115.00
Race Day: 120.00

3 Person Relay

02/01: 130.00
04/01: 135.00
06/01: 140.00
Race Day: 145.00

Our athletes safety is top priority at Y-Tri! We ensure that each portion of our race has emergency personnel to immediately respond to any issues that may arise. Past participants have always acknowledged feeling safe and well provided for at this event.

  • Vehicles are allowed to pass on the bike and run routes. Fire Police will be placed in key areas for traffic control.
  • Volunteers will also be at key areas to provide directional assistance and to cheer on athletes.
  • Ambulance and medical personnel are on site to address any issues.
  • Water Safety crews are in boats and kayaks to provide immediate assistance in the open water swim.

Details coming soon!