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Our Strategic Direction

YWCA York is one of the largest YWCAs in the United States. We are a complex organization offering an expansive list of programs and services. For this reason, planning is critically important to align the leadership team on a strategic agenda to move the organization forward. Departments develop annual plans with meaningful and measurable strategies and tasks that are aligned with the anchors and objectives of the strategic plan. The progress of the our strategic plan is reviewed with our Board of Directors twice annually.

View the overview of the plan for fiscal year 2022 which includes anchors and objectives: Click here

View our 2021-2022 Advocacy Plan: Click here

A key component of a successful organization is a well defined, unique culture. Ours is the foundation of why YWCA York thrives and the extent to which our staff effectively serve our community. Our culture statements are both real and aspirational-they are the guideposts to deliver on our mission. Click here

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