Mission & Culture

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The Mission


We are proud to be an anti-racism, gender-inclusive Association where everyone can be a member, an employee or serve on our Board of Directors and Junior Board. YWCA York employs mindfulness practices designed to build resiliency in our staff and those we serve.

YWCA York’s Inclusion Statement

Our mission has informed and directed the culture and actions of YWCA for 50 years, and we remain committed to providing spaces and services which demand that we live into this mission. Our support services, our educational, child care and play spaces, our staff and visitors, will be safe from judgment, bias, discrimination, intolerance, exclusion and violence of any kind. We recognize that the work of creating such a space requires constant conversation and accountability and that while we open the door to all people, this ethos of inclusion may be uncomfortable for some. In order to provide a space that remains safe to ALL, some may feel that they would prefer not to be a part of this community. However, in order to remain true to our purpose and relevancy in this community, we will strive to abide by our mission to seek peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. And perhaps most especially for those who have been continuously marginalized and excluded.

Therefore, we commit to strive for the inclusion and belonging of all people regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation, gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, ability, or any unique and beautiful identity that struggles to be seen, heard or included. We endeavor to meet these expectations on a daily basis, and expect that all who participate and are employed in any and all of YWCA’S communities will do the same.

YWCA York’s Culture

YWCA York collaboratively identified our current and aspirational culture during our  strategic planning sessions. Learn more about our “secret sauce” and why we are CHANGE AGENTS in our community: Click Here

Our Mission In Action

We promote peace.
We demand justice.
We treasure freedom.
We honor dignity.

YWCA York carries on its long tradition of social action and advocacy to advance our mission  – and you are a crucial part of this work. Your voice is needed as we advocate for policies that support our mission-critical work in the York community. Each year the Advocacy Committee of the Board of Directors approves an advocacy plan for the fiscal year. Click here: YWCA York 2023 2024 Advocacy Plan