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The primary role of YWCA York’s Board of Directors is to provide mission-based visionary leadership and strategic governance to promote and support the services and programs that directly impact more than 20,000 York County residents, during a typical year.


Michelle Pokrifka, President

Kristi Riley-Platt, President-elect

Demietra Middleton, Secretary

Claire Forbush, Treasurer

Korri Colon, Junior Board President


Jody Appell, Director Emeritus

Gwen Baker

Andrea Berry, Ph.D.

Kim Brister

Paula Copeland

Richard Craighead

Rachel Eyster

Debra Lee

Margie Mattis, D.Ed.

Heather Maxfield

Sully Pinos

Brandy Portonova

Cody Santiago

Karin Swartz