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Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and has become integrated into wellness practices of many in our community. The benefits of yoga include increased balance, strength and flexibility, along with managing pain, stress, anxiety and trauma.

YWCA York’s trauma-informed and invitational approach focuses on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Our certified instructors bring their wealth of experiences to their group classes. EVERYONE and all levels are welcome!

Check out our winter schedule to introduce you to the “YW way” of adding more peace, balance, and health to your life! Click here

Gentle Yoga with Jane registration: Click Here
Yoga from the Inside Out with Bethany: Click Here


YWCA York is a provider for the Healthways “Silver Sneakers” and “Forever Fit” programs and the American Specialty Health “Silver & Fit.” For information or to inquire about eligibility contact us at 717-845-2631.

Questions? Email Christen at ccoscia@ywcayork.org


Mindfulness, simply put, is paying attention to our attention. It’s also a way to sharpen our focus and increase productivity. Mindfulness results in feeling less overwhelmed and reactive. Research shows that it’s possible to train our brains to be more aware, observant and nonjudgmental.

YWCA York has introduced mindfulness across our organization. Every staff and committee meeting begins with a mindful moment. Our Pre-K Counts kiddos are learning breathing techniques and yoga. Clients who are domestic violence survivors are exploring how the brains function under stress and how to control their fight-flight-freeze impulses. We’re seeing the value of this work in meaningful ways every day.


And we’d like to share what we’ve learned with our community. We’re here to help you empower yourself through the practice of mindfulness.

This can be a unique experience or something designed from the following module topics:

  • Managing Stress Mindfully
  • Building Self Awareness to Enhance Performance
  • Creating Connection and Team Building
  • Improving Focus and Attention -Bolstering Self-Care & Resilience

YWCA York’s mindfulness training can be delivered in either a 60 or 90-minute workshop. You and your team can visit our tranquil yoga and wellness studio located at 320 E. Market Street, schedule a virtual session or we can come to you. The cost is $150 per hour up to 20 people.

Contact Christen at ccoscia@ywcayork.org if you have a specific request or are looking for a longer retreat option.