Mindful Fathering Parenting Series

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YWCA York is proud to be the first in the U.S. to offer this MINDFUL Fathering Parenting Series, an evidence based parenting program out of Canada specifically designed for fathers. JOIN US to learn how you can make positive changes in your life to improve the relationship you have with your children. This program is FREE and dinner will be provided! Preregistration is required. Click here to register.

Developed by Yorktown Family Services, Mindful Fathering is a 12-week psycho-educational group program for fathers who desire to raise children in a violence free environment or may have exposed their children, of any age, to intimate partner violence. Welcoming men of all backgrounds, orientations and cultures, this evidence-informed, early intervention program helps fathers learn to reduce harm, improve mental health, and make positive changes in their lives and their relationships with children and women.

Goals of this series:

  • Develop a personal vision for change by identifying hopes or the future, setting goals, and working together to overcome barriers.
  • Explore personal narratives to see how the past affects the present.
  • Increase awareness of attitudes regarding masculinity and gender roles that contribute to partner abuse and child mistreatment.
  • Increase understanding of the impact of abuse on children and partners.
  • Increase responsibility for own behaviors, including abuse.
  • Learn effective ways of dealing with anger and aggression, including using mindfulness to help regulate emotions.
  • Increase knowledge about child development, attachment, and appropriate expectations.
  • Improve parent/child relationships, co-parenting relationships, relationships in general.
For more info or to register via phone contact, Ruby Martin, YWCA York’s Chief Child and Youth Programs Officer, at 717-845-2631, ext 119 or rmartin@ywcayork.org.