Providing Trauma-Informed Care To Vulnerable Populations

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Providing Trauma-Informed Care To Vulnerable Populations

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About the Event:

Caring for patients in vulnerable populations calls for a deeper understanding of the layers of oppression, strife, and inequity faced by members of those communities. Providing the best care requires acknowledging a patient’s unique experience of the world, and how it impacts the way they navigate the healthcare system. This training, geared toward those working in the healthcare field, explores the barriers faced by many marginalized and vulnerable communities, the basics of trauma-informed care, and best practices for empowering, supporting, and respecting all patients.


Day One – June 23

In this session, we cover the five pillars of trauma-informed care, and explore different types of vulnerabilities and types of marginalization that often create barriers for those seeking affirmative, accessible, and safe healthcare. We will define intersectionality and discuss the importance of taking an intersectional approach to trauma-informed care when working with vulnerable populations, and best practices for working with patients from these communities.


Day Two – June 24

Join the Mazzoni Center for a two hour interactive training in LGBTQ-affirming care, exploring clinical considerations and best practices for healthcare providers and those in the healthcare field. This training explains the reasons for and importance of employing gender-neutral language, applies relevant and timely clinical considerations for providing the best care to LGBTQ+ patients through an intersectional approach, and locating areas for growth and education in fostering LGBTQ-inclusive and gender-affirming healthcare environments.



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