Courageous Conversation: White Fragility and Allyship

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Courageous Conversation: White Fragility and Allyship

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Tuesday, June 15


6:30PM – 8:00PM



About the Event:

Join Ann Wiesner, an accomplished strategist, and Director of the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation as she facilitates a Courageous Conversation about “White Fragility and Allyship”. This conversation will focus largely on whiteness, white fragility, and white experiences of talking about race. We welcome BIPOC enthusiastically, but also understand if that content is not of interest, no harm done if you drop off the session. This conversation will engage participants to deepen their understanding about where white fragility comes from, what is the function of white fragility, and what do we fear when asked to have “courageous conversations”? The evening will wrap up with a conversation about exploring– is it important to be a good ally and why? A Zoom link will be sent in the confirmation email.


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