Substance Abuse and Human Trafficking Virtual Information Sessions

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Substance Abuse and Human Trafficking Virtual Information Sessions

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April 19: Substance Abuse/Human Trafficking and Why NARCAN Is So Important – 12PM

This session will focus on common threads that make people susceptible to substance abuse and human trafficking. Participants will gain a greater understanding of substance abuse disorders, learn how traffickers use substance abuse to control victims, and how family, friends, and caregivers can help people dealing with their addictions.

May 17: Substance Abuse/Human Trafficking and The Mental Health Intersection – 12PM

Participants will take a deeper dive into how mental health disorders play a part in human trafficking and substance abuse disorders.

June 21: Substance Abuse/Human Trafficking and How They Intersect with the Criminal Justice System – 12PM

Participants will learn how the legal system can be used against victims of human trafficking and people living with substance abuse disorders and how it can also be used to help victims overcome these obstacles.


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