Mindfulness in the Workplace Webinar

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Mindfulness in the Workplace Webinar

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In recent years, mindfulness has increasingly been used in organizations large and small to create cultures which support employee health and overall well-being. Research shows that mindfulness can reduce stress, enhance performance and boost emotional intelligence. In these times of great change and uncertainty, mindfulness is a tool that can help us to build the inner strength and resilience we need to not just survive, but thrive.

At YWCA York, we have been committed to sharing these simple yet powerful practices across our organization and throughout our programming. We have seen first hand the positive ripple effects of this work, and now we would like to share this work and insights with others. Cost is $25/person.


December 9 – 12PM

Join us to:

  • Learn about the many benefits of mindfulness
  • Sample basic practices that you can begin to use right away
  • Explore technology’s effect on our stress response and how we can cope
  • Discover why Olympic athletes, major sports teams, and companies like Google, LinkedIn and Apple all utilize mindfulness practices to enhance performance and boost success

About the Trainer:

Christen Coscia is the Mindfulness Education Coordinator for YWCA York. Christen has devoted nearly 20 years to the study and teaching of mindfulness, trauma-informed care and resilience building practices.


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This event is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.