Beyond The Bar Program

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Beyond The Bar Program

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York, PA – (April 12, 2018) YWCA York’s ACCESS and Victim Assistance Center has created a new program, Beyond the Bar, that is designed to educate bar staff and patrons on how to prevent customers from becoming potential sexual assault victims. The program works to provide York bars and restaurants with properly trained staff for a safer and better experience.

In effort to promote safety, the program will train bar staff to look for signs that indicate potential sexual violent behavior and how to safely intervene. Bar staff will also be taught what proper consent consists of, how alcohol can facilitate unsafe and violent behavior, the ways bartenders can intervene both subtle and direct and how to maintain safety for all staff members and patrons. According to YWCA York’s community outreach advocate, Katie Hershey, “Sexual violence can happen to anyone, regardless of age, race, income level, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and education level. However, certain risk factors can make a person more likely to become a victim; consuming alcohol and drug use are among those factors.”

Liquid Hero Brewery is the first bar in York County to complete the training. Bartender, Laura Lamar, states that “We are a small community and supportive business, the idea is that we are each other’s eyes and ears and we need to look out for each other.” The training is free and hopes to provide ongoing staff support. Upon completion, the bar will receive a certificate and other material to reference that sexual assault or harassment will not be tolerated inside the bar.

If you would like to take part in this training or for more information on Beyond the Bar, you can email or call 717-845-2631, ext. 160.

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