Racial Justice Training


Our training programs are rooted in our commitment to eliminate racism and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for ALL. These programs are already packaged and ready to go or you can have one of our trainers design a training just for your organization or business. Presentation fees are dependent on distance, time and development needed for the session. Typically, already prepared, local trainings can be conducted for $100.00 an hour.

Call Jean Treuthart at YWCA York at 717-845-2631 x 127  to begin the planning of your event.

Anti-Bias Education: This session explores the Anti Bias Education as put forth by the National Association of Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and designs a blue print idea of how to incorporate an understanding of Anti Bias among all students in all age groups using our families, the environment and our intentional curricular experiences. Use Anti Bias as a tool in your classroom for thoughtful understanding of creating an anti bias society. (2-3 hours)

Cultural Competency: Use the NAEYC’s research based tools to conduct a CulturalCompetent environment for all of our children in all programs. (Before and After, HS and College Classrooms, PRE K and early learning.) The tool will assist teachers in taking a reflective look at their environment, their materials and their actual intentionality in terms of setting a fair example for cultural competence. 2-3 hours).

Keynotes: These sessions can be tailored to the needs of the organization. Specialty areas include but are not limited to: assumptions, multiculturalism, stereotypes, diversity, gender, LGBTQ, and heterosexism. Presenters skillfully incorporate activities that encourage participants to engage in reflexive thought and interact with their fellow participants.

Break-out Sessions: Interactive sessions that offer small groups an interactive learning experience to promote reflexive thought and sharing regarding the chosen topics. Topics include but are not limited to: assumptions, multiculturalism, stereotypes, diversity, gender, LGBTQ, and heterosexism.

Race Matters: Supporting Conversations about Race and Culture in Early Childhood School age and school) Settings. 4 part, 12 hour in depth exploration of our racial responsibility to children of all ages from cradle through college in the form of communication and sharing experiences.
  • Part1: Beginning the Conversation (3 hours)
  • Part 2: Historical Perspectives and White Privilege (3 hours)
  • Part 3: Planning Supportive Environments for Children and Families pt1 (3 hours)
  • Part 4: Planning Supportive Environments for Children and Families pt2 (3 hours)

Race Matters Toolkit for your organizational Growth (6 hours)

Stereotypes in the Media: This session is rich in discussion and interaction as participants take a look at themselves and their acceptance of others. They also analyze the media’s portrayal of certain groups, using mostly movie clips and songs. Very enlightening if your group is interested in making the change to a fairer environment. (2-3 hours)

Supporting ELL/DLL (English Language Learners/Dual Language Learners) in Early Childhood Classroom settings: 5-3 hour sessions contain everything teachers need to know to begin meeting the challenging linguistic and cultural needs of the students in their classroom. For any level teacher of any age child (infant through 4th grade), these sessions are fun and interactive and will guide teachers in discovering how to best meet he needs of all of their students.