Junior Board of Directors

Purpose: The purpose of the YWCA Junior Board is to foster the participation of young women in YWCA York through our participation in YWCA events and programs, the recruitment of other young women to participate in YWCA events and programs and sharing our ideas and perspective with YWCA York regular board and staff. Each member of the Junior Board will be an ambassador to the community and work to support the mission of YWCA York: to promote racial justice; empower women; eliminate domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of violence; and strengthen our community. The Junior Board will also be a recruitment tool for the regular board of the YWCA York by providing leadership development and opportunities to its members.

Job Description: YWCA Junior Board Member

  • Attend 75% of regular meetings.
  • Volunteer for Adopt a Family (holiday season, min. 2 hours).
  • Participate in planning in at least one of the following: Adopt a Family; designated Spring event; designated Fall event.
  • Attend designated Spring event and designated Fall event.
  • Contribute YWCA annual membership (Basic).
  • Attend YWCA annual meeting (November).
  • Serve as ambassador to the YWCA in the York Community.
  • Provide ideas for programming and events to the YWCA to encourage the involvement and participation of young women in the organization.

If you are interested in becoming a Junior Board member, please contact us at juniorboard@ywcayork.org. Our current members are:

  • Karin Swartz, President
  • Laurin Gross, Past -President
  • Laura O'Grady, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kate Hynes,  President-Elect
  • Brandy Portonova, Adopt A Family Chair
  • Elizabeth Bleacher
  • Jillian Byron
  • Toni Calderone
  • Natalee Colon
  • Allison Given
  • Lauren Hills
  • Stephanie Kennedy
  • Stacia Krupa
  • Annie Mendoza
  • Kristi Riley-Platt
  • Hunter Schenck
  • Britta Schwab
  • Julie Shilke
  • Matney Smith
  • Kristan Winand

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