Prevention and Education Services

The Community Education department of ACCESS York and the Victim Assistance Center works to educate and connect the York County community in the shared goal of helping victims achieve safety and self-reliance while empowering the community to prevent and respond effectively to domestic and sexual violence. We work to stop personal violence an change society to prevent violence from occurring in the first place.

We believe that domestic an sexual violence will end only when individuals, institutions, and every segment of society are educated and empowered to take a stand against abuse and to embrace healthy, safe, respectful, and peaceful interpersonal relationships. We recognize that a "one size fits all" approach to community education does not work, that diverse communities such as ours require diverse strategies, and that addressing diversity is all our responsibility.

As recognized leaders in prevention and education, we provide training on a wide array of topics, tailored to an equally wide array of audiences such as:

  • advocates, counselors, and volunteers working directly with victims
  • attorneys and legal professionals
  • court and judicial staff
  • employers
  • faith leaders
  • law enforcement
  • medical professionals
  • educators
  • policy makers
  • social workers
  • private companies
  • and many others

Some of the topics we provide on include:

  • The Dynamics of Domestic Violence
  • ACCESS York and/or Victim Assistance Center: Overview or Services Available
  • Teen Dating Violence/Healthy Relationships
  • Human Trafficking
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Building Healthy Self-Esteem
  • Media Literacy/Gender and Body Image Portrayals in the Media
  • Domestic Violence in the Workplace
  • Healthcare Providers Response to Domestic Violence (screening, intervention, safety planning)
  • Clergy Response/Addressing Domestic Violence in Faith Communities

Additionally, we provide specialized, age appropriate training on primary prevention of violence and abuse specifically designed for children and youth audiences in the school or community group settings.

We know from a wealth of research and experience that while violence is learned behavior, it can be unlearned, and even prevented altogether. Through our Primary Prevention Education Series, we offer programs for students from Pre-K to 12 that help develop emotional self-awareness and control, positive self-esteem and social skills, problem solving, conflict resolutions, and personal safety.

Prevention and Education Brochure

Prevention and education presentations may be available FREE of charge. Contact us for more information.