Temple Guard Drill Team

Leading Youth Today for a Better Tomorrow

The Temple Guard Drill Team, under the direction of Mike Smith, has become an inspirational youth program that has continued to grow over the past 14 years. The Temple Guard Drill Team is a mentoring program based on discipline and focus that trains youth in grades K-12 in military-style boot-camp marching and dance to the accompaniment of heart pounding drums. Drill team members practice Tuesday and Thursdays and perform twice a month across the mid-state.

For more information, contact Mike Smith.                                                                                                                

It is the mission of the Temple Guard to serve as a mentor for youth of all ages, races, religions and economic backgrounds.  We exist to enrich lives by teaching respect for one another and elders in and around their neighborhood.  To be leaders, not followers.  To set a higher standard of living as a role models for others on the streets and in school.  To settle for no less than a passing grade in all subjects.  This is achieved by:
  • Building character through miliatary style boot camp marching with structured discipline (i.e. push ups, running laps, etc.)
  • Responsibility classes set in a structured environment dealing with problem solving and decision making regarding issues such as:  manners, saying no to drugs, sexual abstinence, peer pressure, etc.
  • Providing trips outside of the city, giving experiences that the youth otherwise might never have the opportunity to encounter            Watch TG in Action